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Have a look at my top 20 projects of 2021.


Check out my top 100 projects of the 2010s


Take a trip back to the mid 2000s as we look through Hip-Hop Connection June 2004.

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One thought on “Welcome

  1. Mook,

    What’s up man? I found your podcast on redit and gave it a listen. It’s dope man. Good work! There’s not many people out there playing a mix of what Hip Hop has to offer. I had an Underground Hip Hop show on my University’s radio while there and haven’t found much like it since. I’m an artist myself and was wanting to reach out and see if you’d be willing to give my music a listen and possibly give it a couple spins on the show if you liked it. My musics real political driven and life based. And being from America I got a lot to talk about these days. But give me a shout if you’re interested brother and keep up the good work. Maybe your influence will trickle across the ocean on over here and inspire more similar podcast. Coltonjdiduke@gmail.com

    The Rebel


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