In many ways, 2021 just felt like an extension of 2020. Covid continued to restrict our activities, politicians kept lying to push us further to fascism and people were still saying stupid shit on social media. As far as music goes it mostly felt like more of the same too, at least in the album format. Across the dance music spectrum we got fresh and exciting music from producers old and new, but those genres tend not to focus on full length projects. To me, the vast majority of great albums have come from hip-hop for more than a decade, but for the last year or two progression in the genre has stopped almost entirely.

That’s not say there was nothing worth listening too though; amongst the miles of mediocrity there were some great releases and a few flashes of fresh creativity. So check out my podcast episodes below where I walk you through the best albums, EPs and mixtapes of the year, from hip-hop and beyond.

If you’re still wanting more after the podcasts then check out my Youtube playlist with over 400 music videos showcasing the best hip-hop of 2021.

Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon – Beautifully Black

Dark Lo x V Don – Charlie Pope

R.A.P. Ferreira – The Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures

Akeem Ali – Mack In The Day Starring Keemy Casanova

Nappy Nina x Jwords – Double Down

J.U.S – GoFundMe Corvette

Askel & Elere – Simulations

YN Jay – Coochie Chronicles

Pardoner – Came Down Different

Haiti Babii – Trap Art

U.G.L.Y. Boy Modeling – Durag Emoji

Cities Aviv -The Crashing Sound Of How It Goes Down

Sauce Walka – Sauce Train

Manga Saint Hilare – Glow In The Dark

Vic Spencer & Sonnyjim – Spencer for Higher 4

Armand Hammer x Alchemist – Haram

DJ Manny – Signals In My Head

Rome Streetz x ANKHLEJOHN – Genesis 1:27

Benny Sings – Music

RXK Nephew – Slitherman Activated


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