What to Watch – February 2015

Everything Else

The new year is here, and while many shows are now mid season we had a bunch of great shows that started in January. We have some long awaited returns and a few new comers that have impressed. Check out below what I’ve been watching and let me know what you’ve been enjoying in the comments.

12 Monkeys

Based on the film of the same name, 12 Monkeys is about a man sent back in time from 2043 to stop the spreading of a virus that has wiped out nearly the entire population of Earth. This show was a very pleasant surprise because I’m not usually a fan of the Syfy channel who produced it, but 12 Monkeys really exemplifies what this genre can be when it’s done right. Fast paced and action packed, the story progresses quickly and the time travelling elements are fascinating. Not exactly high brow programming but extremely enjoyable TV nonetheless.

Watch the trailer here

Broad City

The girls are back and up to their antics again. So far this season they’ve been on a mission to find an air conditioner, made progression in their jobs and Abbi has had her wisdom tooth removed. It goes without saying that none of these events go smoothly and the girls end up in some very strange but hilarious situations.

Watch the trailer here

Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe

Everyone’s favourite angry journalist is back with his weekly round ups of what’s been going on in the world of news, politics and TV. As with previous series Brooker is joined by a number of other comedians and although I’m not keen on the addition of Morgana Robinson, Philomena Clunk is hilarious as ever.

Watch the trailer here


Fortitude is Sky’s attempt at making their own massive, HBO style drama. With a huge budget, some familiar faces in the cast and a ubiquitous advert campaign, Sky have really gone all out on this one. The series is set in a town called Fortitude in the Arctic and follows the lives of its residents as strange and dangerous incidents start to occur. The show is extremely ambitious, with a large ensemble of characters and plot lines. Unfortunately after the pilot the show looked a little unfocused, jumping from scene to scene with seemingly little connecting them. That being said, there are a lot of interesting themes and ideas in the show that make me want to see more which hopefully will all be tied together.

Watch the trailer here

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The gang returns after a bit of a hiatus and have started the new season off strong. The season premier had me in stitches as the gang jumped on a plane and attempted to brake the record of baseball player “Boggs” by drinking an inhuman amount of beer.

Watch the trailer here

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation has been storming through their 7th and final season, showing 2 episodes per week. So far the season has been very focused with a strong story line which has made for excellent viewing. The crew are battling a big corporation that is trying to buy up land to build its offices but Lesley is determined to use it for a national park. I’m going to be sad to see Parks and Recreation finish but so far they’ve been wrapping it up perfectly.

Watch the trailer here


This show was actually out last year but I missed it so have been catching up and just had to mention it. This is one of the funniest new shows I’ve seen in a while and hasn’t got much attention so far. The series is a parody of review shows but instead of reviewing things like films or books, the host is reviewing life experiences such as going to prom, making a sex tape and getting a divorce. This is awkward comedy at its best.

Watch a clip from the show here


Workaholics continues its over the top, hilarious stupidity in their 5th season. These guys have such great chemistry together that even when the story line isn’t that strong they still bring the laughs. The highlight of the season so far for me has been the trio setting up their own wrestling company to make some money to pay rent with Ben Stiller guest starring in the episode.

Watch the trailer here