Mook Life Style: Pawn Future Kings

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This isn’t something I’d usually write about here but I really wanted to give these guys some support because they deserve it. Growing up in Hull I often visited a clothing shop called Space. I’ve always been a massive hip-hop head and Space was one of the only shops in the area where you could get your hands on urban clothing labels and hip-hop mixtapes. Unfortunately the shop is no longer open but the owner has since established a fantastic new streetwear brand called Pawn Future Kings.

Pawn Future Kings describe themselves as being inspired by music, sport, surf culture and positive vibes, which is very evident when you look at their Autumn 2015 collection. From striking branded sweatshirts to vibrant patterned t-shirts, the new line is incredibly stylish and very high quality. With so many big names out there it can be hard to stand out from the crowd with fashionable and unique clothing but Pawn Future Kings will have you looking your best without turning you in to a high street clone.

There is a real classic, 80’s/90’s American streetwear influence in Pawn Future Kings’ designs, the bold fonts and powerful chess piece logo give the clothes a real iconic look. With a free snapback on offer when you buy 2 t-shirts, now is the time to head over to the website and get yourself looking fresh for autumn.

Check out the website to place an order and find out more.