Things You May Have Missed 2014 Part 5


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Mello Music Group – Mandala Vol. 1 Polysonic Flows & Mandala Vol. 2 Today’s Mathematics

Two compilations from one of today’s finest record labels.

Buy them here and here

Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild – Silk Pyramids

Hardcore underground East Coast vibes.

Buy it here

Mr. Carmack – Dimebag

The variation in sounds on this instrumental album is sublime, from banging trap to funky head nod tracks.

Buy it here

Mumdance – Take Time

Taking grime in to a twisted future.

Buy it here

Nacho Picasso – Trances With Wolves – The Prixtape

Nacho continues his string of strong releases with is best to date.

Name your price download here

Nell – Boyz ‘n’ The Hood

As the name suggests this EP takes a lot of influence from West Coast gangsta but steers it in a fresh direction.

Free download here

Ohbliv – Blk Love Frequency (a)

Ohbliv has a similar sound to Knxwledge, producing instrumental tracks packed full of clattering beats and soul samples.

Buy it here

Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy

Hellfyre Club have had a phenomenal year in 2014 and this album was probably the strongest of the 4 that they produced. A wonderfully eclectic album that somehow manages to stay coherent despite switching between funny, insightful, macabre, pessimistic and silly. But most importantly this album sounds magnificent.

Buy it here

People Under The Stairs – 12 Step Program

The B-boy’s favourite hip-hop legends come back with more fun tracks to get you dancing.

Buy it here

Plus – Rapid Eye Movement

17 year old duo drop a fantastic album full of jazzy vibes and complex flows. These guys are going to be really amazing with a few more years of experience.

Name your price download here

Prince Po – Animal Serum

It’s a travesty that Prince Po is so forgotten. Having been part of the esteemed Organized Konfusion and releasing the exceptional “The Slickness” Prince Po should be cemented as one of the greats but even when teaming with super producer Oh No, the wily veteran still gets slept on. If you know who Prince Po and Oh No are you need no convincing here but if you haven’t then stop what you’re doing and get educated.

Buy it here

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