Things You May Have Missed 2014 Part 6


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Ray West and OC – Rays Cafe

Underground legend OC and beat maker Ray West team up for a lovely little jazzy release.

Buy it here

Sango and Waldo – Until Then

Sango lays down some insanely futuristic beats while Waldo holds his own on the mic.

Buy it here

Sendai – A Smaller Divide

Brutal left field instrumentals with enough groove to keep things interesting.

Buy it here

Sisyphus – Sisyphus

Serengeti, Son Lux and Surfjan Stevens team up for a bizarre trip to planet electro.

Buy it here

Skyzoo and Torae – Barrel Brothers

Two of New York’s finest and underrated MCs. Both of these guys really no how to go in on a track and prove it on this album.

Buy it here

Slakah The Beatchild – Soul Movement Vol. 2

A wonderful mix of velvety soul tracks and bumping instrumentals to get your head nodding.

Buy it here

Squadda B – 10th Grade Dropout and Side A-Side B (June)

Weird and extremely Lo Fi beats with slurred raps. Not for everyone but if you like Lil B you’ll probably like this guy.

Free downloads here and here

Step Brothers – Lord Steppington

Alchemist and Evidence combine for one of my favourite albums of the year. Alchemist is undoubtedly one of today’s best producers and he really brings something fresh on here, making some incredibly complex beats that suit Evidence’s precision raps perfectly.

Buy it here

Wen – Signals

Murky grime instrumentals with subtle complexities.

Buy it here

Willie the Kid and Bronze Nazareth – The Living Daylights

MC Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth create a cinematic sound scape ,similar to what Ghostface was releasing in the 90s.

Buy it here

Yukmouth – GAS [Grow and Sale]

West Coast Gangsta that really bumps.

Buy it here

Zara McFarlane – If You Knew Her

Deep Jazz compositions accompanied by Zara McFarlane’s bewitching vocals.

Buy it here

ZelooperZ – HELP

The Bruiser Brigade members have now all dropped fantastic mixtapes, making up for the somewhat lacklustre ‘Old’, and it has me extremely excited for their collaborative album. ZelooperZ is one of the stranger guys in the bunch and shines on this tape with frantic instrumentals and maniacal raps. This really isn’t for everyone as ZelooperZ seems to be going out of his way to be as offensive as he can in every way possible but the energy here is off the charts.

Free download here

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