Things You May Have Missed 2014 Part 7


We continue with my round up of all the great, under appreciated releases of 2014. I hope you enjoy reading and have found some new music that you love. Check up with the site going forward for more articles like this.

Here is a Youtube playlist with all the available tracks from the article on it.

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The 1978ers – People Of Today

Infectious golden age vibes that really hit the spot.

Buy here

Amp Live – Headphone Concerto

Eclectic album with some intriguing ideas and epic soundscapes.

Buy here

Apollo Brown & Rass Kass – Blasphemy

Apollo Brown continues dropping real stomping soul beats for legendary MCs to do their thing on.

Buy here

Bambu – Party Worker

Some crazy flows from the Filipino MC with beats that fit perfectly.

Buy here

Black Milk – If There’s A Hell Below

Black Milk has become pretty prolific recently, and that means happy hip-hop fans. His latest release is probably his most ambitious to date, taking things in a very jazz influenced direction with some intricate arrangements and low bass lines. Fantastic stuff.

Buy here

Bones – Garbage, Skinny and Rotten

Bones has been steadily releasing mixtape after mixtape for the last couple of years and although I wasn’t a fan of his early tapes his music has really been coming on leaps and bounds in 2014. Bones makes moody, dark hip-hop that almost has a 90s grunge vibe to it. I’m expecting good things in this guy’s future.

Click here to download Garbage, Skinny and Rotten.

Bop Alloy – Winter Breaks

MC Substantial and producer Marcus D collaborate to drop a funky little winter EP.

Name your price download here

BoxedLDN – Boxed Vol. 2

Collection of new age grime instrumentals.

Free download here

Bronze Nazereth – Thought For Food Vol. 3

Wu-Tang affiliate, producer and MC drops another installment of his Thought For Food series, packed with Wu type soul beats and killer raps.

Buy here

Bugseed – Magnetics

More soothing beats from the Japanese beat maker.

Buy here

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