Things You May Have Missed 2014 part 10


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Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson – Dice Game Shaken

A selection of tracks from the phenomenal Dice Game given fresh new beats by Gensu Dean.

Buy here

Ghostface – 36 Seasons

Ghostface is definitely the most consistent of the Wu-Tang Clan but unfortunately this release got overshadowed by the crew’s A Better Tomorrow which was released around the same time. It’s a real shame because 36 Seasons is by far the superior album. Ghostface is sticking to what he does best and shows how he earned his legendary status.

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Guilty Simpson – The Simpson Tape

Dream team of Guilty and Oh No put out an EP as good as you’d expect, I’d love to hear a full LP from these two soon.

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Guts – Hip Hop After All

French producer and DJ, Guts, with an album so incredibly funky and catchy you’ll have yourself grooving around your house and thinking of summer.

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Halo – Mansa Musa

9th Wonder holds down production and Masta Killa has a number of guest verses, that alone should make you want to hear this album, the fact that Halo is a strong MC in his own right is the icing on the cake.

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Has-Lo & Castle – Live Like You’re Dead and Return Of The Gasface

Castle has a way of flipping soul and jazz samples that make his beats sound so fresh, which added to Has-Lo’s engaging raps makes these two albums a cut above other releases of this type.

Click here to buy Live Like You’re Dead and Return Of The Gasface

Havoc – 13 Reloaded

Mobb Deep legend sticks with his signature despondent East Coast style. The new Mobb Deep album from earlier in the year was good but this is even better. It’s a shame such am influential figure is now so overlooked.

Buy here

Homeboy Sandman – Hallways

Homeboy Sandman continues to cement his position as one of my favourite rappers. With ridiculous flows and a flawless choice of beats this is up there with the best albums of this year.

Buy here

Iman Omari – ESC Vol. 2 and Vibe Tape 3

Stoned out soul samples over clattering drums.

I cant find download links for these but you can listen to ESC Vol. 2 here and Vibe Tape 3 here

Jeremiah Jae – Good Times

Not my favourite of Jeremiah Jae’s releases but still a fantastic listen. Taking things in a more soulful direction Jae puts together some dirty but soulful beats and compliments it perfectly with his laid back raps.

This mixtape was available on Datpiff but has been taken down for some reason but you can probably still find it somewhere online.

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