Things You May Have Missed 2014 part 8


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Busdriver – Perfect Hair

The Hellfyre Club continued their strong year with another innovative album, this time from probably the most famous of the group, Busdriver. I was disappointed with the 2012 release Beaus$Eros as I felt it was a bit overindulgent but on Perfect Hair Busdriver hits the perfect balance of that bizarre style and something that is thoroughly enjoyable.

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BVA – Be Very Aware

Dope UK boom bap.

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The Cancel – Criminal

Buttery smooth and jazzy instrumentals.

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Chimping – Monkey Biznizz

Jungle and dub influenced footwork.

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Chris Travis – Never Forget, Silence Of Me Eternally and Go Home

Friend and collaborator of Bones releases a number of his own mixtapes with the same raw, melancholy trap style vibes.

Click here for free downloads of Never Forget, Silence Of Me Eternally and Go Home

Copywrite – Murderland

Underground rap mainstay with an enjoyable LP.

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Cormega – Mega Philosophy

I’m a huge Cormega fan so was really looking forward to this and although it’s not fantastic it’s definitely worth a listen. This album is somewhat of a throwback with relatively simple instrumentals and rhymes but Cormega’s voice is enough to make it entertaining.

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Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda

Brazilian, funk, rock, rap stuff. Wonderfully eclectic.

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D-Sisive – The Great Mr. Nobody One

Alt rap done right.

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Dday One – Dialogue With Life

Stormy instrumentals with a DJ Shadow vibe.

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