Things You May Have Missed Part 4


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Homeboy Sandman – White Sands

Homeboy Sandman is surely one of the best MCs out there right now, he has everything, the flow, the delivery and his lyrics go from being incredibly profound, to hilarious, to viciously political. Combine that with Paul White on production and you have an impeccable collection of tracks.

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J Rawls – The Legacy

Long time underground producer gets on the mic with positive results.

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Jeru The Damaja – The Hammer

Not one of his best releases by far but it’s always great to hear anything from such a legend.

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Ka – 1200 B.C.

Laid back flow with crazy rhyme schemes on melancholy beats. I was excited to see the track “To Hull and Back” on here as Hull is my home town, strangely though the track seems to have nothing to do with the place.

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Katalyst – Designer Drugs

I downloaded this tape because I thought it was by the Australian producer Katalyst. Turns out it’s American rapper Katalyst but I was pleasantly surprised as he is a solid rapper and the beats are fantastically varied.

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Kokane – Shut da F Up and Cut da Checc

When this came out and I saw the name Kokane it really took me back. This guy was featured heavily on West Coast Gangsta albums in the late 90s and early 2000s but despite even making an appearance on the legendary Chronic 2001 he soon faded in to obscurity. Kokane’s style hasn’t progressed a lot since then but it’s a nice dose of nostalgia to hear this kind of music again.

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Kool A.D. – Word OK

Das Racist seemed set to blow up back in 2012 but since the group split Kool A.D. and Heems stepped out of the limelight some what. Since that time the two have had some decent releases but where Heems has been a bit inconsistent, Kool A.D. has really come in to his own. Word OK has superbly interesting beats and Kool AD’s relaxed, fluids raps are better than ever.

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Lil Ugly Mane – Absence of Shitperson

Not so much a new mixtape as a collection of previously released tracks from Lil Ugly Mane, which makes this a great place to start for anyone trying to get in to this incredibly fresh producer.

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L’Orange – The Orchid Days

Old jazz samples assembled in to a melancholy selection, with some great features from the likes of Homeboy Sandman and Blu.

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Coming with a sound he calls “soul trap”, MC Tree delivers a beautiful EP, heavy with emotion and pleasing to the ear.

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