MOOK MIXES – Cloudy With Outbreaks Of Heavy Rain


It’s been a while since I put a mix together but I got the feeling again recently and made this little treat. There’s a nice mix of styles in here but it’s mostly cloud rap and trap vibes with a little bit of DnB near the beginning. Put it on and space out.

Things You May Have Missed 2014 part 9


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Defenders Of Style & Tha Office – Defenders Of Style vs Tha Office

Two Leeds crews clashing and making boom bap style hip-hop that actually stands out from the overcrowded UK scene.

Free download here

Dels – Petals Have Fallen

Sounds like Ghostpoet but slightly less melancholy. Interesting UK hip-hop.

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Diamond District – March On Washington and Redux Edition

The trio of Oddisee, Uptown XO and yU are back, years after In The Ruff with another exceptional LP. Some of the best boom bap style beats I’ve heard in years perfectly complement the expert flows and thoughtful lyrics. A redux version of the album with remixes from a variety of big name producers was released later in the year and is as good as the original, although it is a little less cohesive.

Buy the original here and the Redux Edition here

Dizzy Wright – State Of Mind

Sturdy collection of club friendly hip-hop tracks.

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Epidemic & Tantu – The Soulution

Buttery soul beats lend themselves perfectly to Epidemic’s soothing raps.

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Fashawn & Alchemist – FASH-ionably late

Fashawn has been a solid rapper for a while now and although he’s had some good releases I’ve never been blown away by his output. This tape is different, and it’s pretty obvious why. Alchemist has been on another level recently, making some of the best beats of the year and he really brings it here. Fashawn fits with the beats perfectly too and I’d love to hear a proper album from these two.

Free download here

Foreign Beggars – Modus

UK heavyweights with an EP of smashers produced by the likes of Alix Perez and Eprom.

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Fortune – Is This Love 2

Trappy instrumental love songs.

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Freddie Joachim – Leaves

Dusty jazz sample beats.

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Freeway & Jacka – Highway Robbery

Freeway & Jacka collaborate to drop a decent mixtape.

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Things You May Have Missed 2014 Part 2


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Blanco and The Jacka and Messy Marv – One Hunnid EP

Smooth West Coast gangsta rap. I don’t understand the relevance of the presidential sound bites but the tracks really bump.

Buy it here

Blitz The Ambassador – Afropolitan Dreams

Funky stylings from African MC Blitz.

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Blu – Good to be Home

A lot of people have been disappointed with Blu since Below The Heavens which has played a big part in him falling out of the limelight. Those who haven’t been feeling his recent releases wont like this much either as the sound is really rough and lo-fi, but that is obviously what Blu is going for here. I love the rawness of this album with the crackly soul samples and relentless raps, it’s not for everyone but there is a real beauty to this kind of hip-hop.

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Blueprint – Respect The Architect

Intelligent and very lyrical, Blueprint’s latest album provides some tunes for the thinking man.

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Buckshot and P-Money – Back Pack Travels

Pretty much what we’ve come to expect from Buckshot. Dope album that does what it says on the tin.

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Bugseed and Pigeondust – 7th Wonder

Bugseed has been making some beautiful jazzy beats for the last few years and he continues with this new release.

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Cakes Da Killa – Hunger Pangs

Le1f seems to be getting all the attention on the gay rap scene this year but Cakes Da Killa deserves some of that light with his new project. More consistent than his first release and catchy as hell.

Free download here

The Celestics – Supreme Laziness

Montreal hip-hop duo bring the funk.

Name your price download here

Chavis Chandler – Dark Skin Jermaine and The Legend Of The Leather Britches

Former member of Bruiser Brigade Chavis Chandler really brought his A game on this mixtape with an impressive flow and some smooth vocals. The mixture of golden age and trap style vibes throughout the tape are balanced greatly. It’s a shame he’s no longer a part of Bruiser Brigade because he complimented the rest of the crew so well.

Free download here

Cities Aviv – Come to Life

I’ve been obsessed with Cities Aviv since Black Pleasure and he’s been honing his style ever since. The tracks on this album sound fuller than ever, the abrasiveness is still there but it’s so much richer sounding now. Some of the most interesting and forward thinking hip-hop of the last few years.

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